Tap to Call Now!FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  If your new to container storage, you may have some questions before you go ahead a rent.  We understand!  We have put together a list of the most asked questions and, hopefully, your question will be answered here!  Of course, if it isn’t, please get in touch and we’ll get right back to you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about your Container Storage Needs
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about your Container Storage Needs

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Of course, you are always welcome to get in touch with NECS, but we hope our list of Frequently Asked Questions will answer any issues you may have!

What is the minimum hire period?

We hire our units out by the week, with the payments taken every four weeks in advance via our automated payment systems.  Any full weeks not used, will be refunded once the unit has been vacated, checked it is empty and clean and any keys and fobs are returned.

 Are there any restrictions on when i can access my storage?

Once you have signed an agreement and given access to your storage unit, you can come and go whenever you need during operational hours.

How do I sign an agreement?

We will meet you at the storage site, where we will take you through the hire agreement, and show you how to access and leave the site, and walk you around your storage unit.

What can I not store in my unit?

You must never store materials that are dangerous or combustible liquids or items such as solvents, glues, petrol, oil, fuel, asbestos, tyres, toxins, compressed gas, explosives, fire works or any such items.  Additionally you cannot store livestock or any other living creatures, or items that could attract vermin or insects. We also do not permit Jet Skis, Quads or Motorbikes.

Do I need insurance?

We accept no liability for your items stored and If you need your items protected for fire or theft then you need to arrange insurance, as we do not provide insurance for your items and contents.  There are several companies that can be found via a Google search for Self Storage Insurance if you need peace of mind.

Can I run my business from my storage unit?

Your licence agreement allows you to come to drop off and pick up items from your storage unit at any time during the sites operational hours. There are no services provided on site such as electricity, water or toilet facilities, and you cannot use the site or your storage unit to actually run your business from, or be actively working within your storage unit on site.

What are my responsibilities?

Never post pictures of the site or the contents you are storing on social media, as they may attract unwanted attention. Other than ensuring your payments are received correctly, you simply need to ensure that you access the site and use your storage in a responsible manner that does not impact negatively on other users or the sites environment and good running.  Additionally you must ensure automatic payment for your storage is setup and maintained.  When your wish to terminate your storage agreement you leave your units clean, empty and undamaged.

Will the contents of my unit stay dry and safe from bad weather?

Our units are the newest possible and are designed to keep contents dry and secure from the elements whilst travelling in the open air across the ocean in the worst of weather.  So as long as you put your contents in dry and secure, that is how they should remain.  Our units have plenty of air vents, to ensure the best possible air circulation to reduce condensation.

However if you put in damp or wet items at any time, or you enter and leave the unit during wet or misty periods, you can inadvertently create a situation when condensation could occur.  If you are worried about the impact of this, then you can take precautions by placing moisture absorbent products that will absorb moisture from the units environment.

To reduce the possibility of moisture and condensation and mitigate its potential impact follow these basic rules:

  • Do not block the air vents from inside the storage unit.
  • Place your items so that air can circulate freely around stored items, containers and boxes. Do not place items directly against the wall of the unit, as they reduces the ability for air to circulate.
  • Plan to enter your units on dry days. If that is not possible, ensure you come back ASAP on a dry day so the dry air circulates inside the unit.
  • Any white goods, such as dryers, washing machines and fridges etc, are defrosted, cleaned thoroughly dried where applicable before storing.
  • Remove any damp debris off items such as lawn mowers, quads, motorbikes, canoes, and pushbikes etc.
  • Do not store clothing such as wetsuits or beach items that are damp or wet.
  • If you see dampness within your unit, dry it before you leave with a cloth or old towel etc, ensuring you do not leave them behind.
  • Where possible check your unit once a month on a dry and sunny day to ensure there is no damp or condensation build up.

As long as the air can circulate and the air vents are not blocked this greatly reduces the chance of condensation occurring.

Is there anything else I can do to protect against condensation?

If you have serious concerns about any potential threat of condensation then we can supply you with a “Moisture Pole” such as “Absorbpole” for a reasonable fee.

These have the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air, specifically designed for the likes of storage containers for several months.  They are designed to hang in the storage recesses meaning minimal space is required.  They are a one use item but are none toxic and recyclable and can be disposed with regular waste.

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