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Secure Self Storage

Small Containers for Storage in Cramlington, Northumberland, 5ft and 10ft

Small Containers

To ensure we have the right storage solution no matter what your need, we have a wide range of storage units. Should you need secure storage for certain items you only need access to once a year, to storing a small number of items for a short period of time, we have a solution.

Simply choose one of our smaller storage units such as the 40 sq. ft. storage unit good for tools and sports equipment, or take a 80 sq. ft. container unit suitable for larger sports equipment, such as motor bikes, jet skis, canoes or the contents of a one bed property.

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Large Containers for Storage in Cramlington, Northumberland, 20ft and 40ft

Large Containers

We have a selection of new large storage containers.  Choose either a 20 ft container giving you a usable 160 Sq feet of storage, enough space for your average 3 bed roomed house.

Alternatively go to the max with one of our 40 ft containers with a usable 320  sq ft of storage, suitable for large homes or business storage solutions.

Should you need even more storage we can provide a customised solution, including open air storage for what ever your needs, no matter what the size.

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